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Written by a 12 Year Old Grade 7 Student

Does someone or something bother you and you sometimes can’t control your anger? do get mad at video games? Fortnite for example. Or do you get frustrated at trying to learn something that you don’t understand? These are all examples of things that can trigger anger. In my experience I’ve learned I have a very short fuse. but I found some ways to manage that anger. Students, Teachers, and Judges I’m going to be giving you suggestions on how to relieve stress.

1) Walk away from whomever or whatever situation is making you angry. Leaving the source of the rage is the best thing to do in order to get calm or at least relax a little.

2) the next thing I do is breathe!!! I go to a room or space by myself and take some long deep breaths. And try to slow my heart down because I feel like when I’m angry my heart races and that’s not very healthy. So breathing in from your nose and out from your mouth is a very calming way to relax a bit.

3) Try to think positive thoughts. Think of what I’ve learned from the situation, how I can react better to my anger next time, and what good could have come from it. I find that sometimes I can talk myself out of the anger. I tell myself that what’s done is done and I can’t control it and that everything is ok. It’s in the past and I can move forward.

These are the ones I find work FOR ME the most. There are many other ways of controlling your anger. Some people find it helps to meditate. This brings them to a calm, quiet place mentally and helps them to come back to a relaxed place. Other people find it helps them to go and work out. The exercise helps to release anger. I’ve also heard some people like to listen to loud music. Some people cry when they are angry. Some people need to scream into a pillow. Each person has their own way to calm down.

These are just some ways that I’ve heard that help people control anger. Some wrong ways to deal would be physical contact. Hitting someone would NOT be a good way to express yourself. THOUGH I know we would sometimes like to because they have it coming. But don’t do it. Calling a person bad names or screaming bad words is also not a good way. It’s just mean. Damaging property or something would be bad too.

In conclusion, anger and rage SUCKS. But it doesn’t have to end badly if you stop and remember the ways that help you to calm down and control your anger. These are only some ways. Every person is different and every person has their OWN ways of dealing with anger, what’s yours?