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Counselling for
Children, Adolescents, Parents and Families


Child and Adolescent Counselling

Working with children and youth of all ages, is my true passion.  Speaking the language of ‘behaviour’ has given me so much insight into their worlds, and with 30 years of therapeutic conversations to draw upon, I have become very good at what I do.  The key is to create a safe and non-threatening space and relationship within which our young people can explore and learn about their, own, patterns of behaviour.  With the use of evidence informed treatment techniques, they can then move on to learn positive coping strategies and healthier ways to understand and express their feelings.

I take great pride in helping young people own their own mental health and well-being.  Building resilience to face life’s challenges can be empowering and enjoyable with someone you trust and feel comfortable with.  That is my goal.

Parent Coaching

There are always a number of strategies and/or parenting techniques that can be effective in enhancing treatment results.  As always, I remain transparent in my communication with parents and caregivers and balance this with trust and confidentiality (determined by legal age) of all of my young clients.  My goal is to help the treatment process and this will be discussed in great lengths to meet the needs of your particular family. 

I offer parent coaching and psychoeducation sessions that target safety planning, emotion coaching, behaviour management and resiliency building.  If you want to understand the therapeutic process your child is experiencing or have the opportunity to share your feelings and challenges regarding parenting, you are encouraged to have a least one of these sessions to stay connected to the treatment that is happening for your loved one.

Family Therapy

Family plays an important role in our emotional, physical and social development.  Each individual person within the family system impacts and is impacted by others.  The energy this creates can be safely explored in a family therapy session, with an emphasis on either;

  • Resolving a specific issue
  • Preparing or coping with a life change
  • Addressing the role that family plays in an individual’s life

Providing a comfortable and safe space to sit and explore this family energy may give you some insight into the patterns that may play out at home as a family.  Bringing insight out, leads to change.



Anger Management



Separation and Divorce

Emotional Disturbance/Trauma


Life Coaching

Life Transitions

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Oppositional Defiance


Peer Relationships

School Issues




Suicidal Ideation

Teen Violence



Premarital Counseling

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